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AC Drives, Designing Of Complete Control Systems, Control Solution For Sewage Treatment Plants, Automation Solution For Ultra Filtration Systems, Pune, India

Our Technology Partner

SINAMICS V50 are suitable for single drive application with quadratic load, (M~n2) , Linear torgue and constant power.
Typical applications:
• Fan
• Pump

SINAMICS V50 have been optimized to the requirements of various application, such as power, water, wasted water, oil, gas, chemical, cement, mining, metallurgy and shipping.

SINAMICS V50 single drive converter cabinet units offer an economical drive solution that can be matched to customer’s specific requirements by adding from the wide range of available components and options.

SINAMICS V50 single drive converter cabinet units are available for the following voltages and power ranges.

SINAMICS V50 Converter Drive Cabinet
Input voltage
3AC Output power
• Particularly quiet and compact converters due to the use of state-of-the-art IGBT power semiconductors and an innovative cooling concept.
• All unit modules are easily accessible, making them extremely service-friendly.
• Can be easily integrated into automation solutions due to PROFIBUS interface supplied as standard and various analog and digital interfaces.
•Increase in plant availability since individual modules and power components can be replaced quickly and easily.
SINAMICS V50 single drive converter cabinet units are characterized by their compact, modular and service-friendly design.
A wide range of options is available which permit optimum adaptation of the drive system to the respective requirements.
SINAMICS V60 Servo Drive

The SINAMICS V60 CPM60.1 servo drive is specially designed to control the feed axes in standard machine tool applications. The system is designed primarily for applications where cost effectiveness is the primary consideration. The key performance data of the drive are aligned to perfectly fit to the SINUMERIK 8080 offering 9 system solution.

• Compact module with integrated infeed. inverter and closed loop position control
   for one feed axis
• No coolin9 fans needed thanks to large heat sink made of dlecast aluminum
• Coated electronic modules
• Commissioning and configuring without PC-based tools
• Very simple commissioning using keys/7-segrnent display
• Pre-configured motor data stored in the drive
• CE certified

• 4 versions with output currents of 4 A. 6 A. 7 A and 10 A
• Supply voltage 220 V to 240 V 3 AC
• 200 % overload capability
• Pulse/direction interface (5 V difference signals) to the SINUMERIK 808D
• Integrated motor brake terminal
• Alarm relay contact

The following components can be connected to the SINAMICS VOO CPM60.1
• SINUMERIK 8080 Turning PPU 141.1 horizontal
• SINUMERIK80SD Milling PPU 141.1 horizontal
• SIMOTICS 1Fl5teed motor
• TTl encoder in SIMOTICS 1FL5 motor
• Brake in SIMOTICS 1FL5 motor
SIMOTICS 1FL5 Servo Motor  
Servo Motor

The SIMOTICS 1FL5 servomotor is optimized for operation with the SINAMICS V60 CPM60.1 servo drive and provides the dynamic performance required by machine tools.

• High performance rare earth magnet material
• Rugged design with IP54 degroo of protection and military style connectors
• Maximum flexibility due to variants with/wilhout brake and plain shaft/titted key


• 4 motor types with 4 Nm. 6 Nm. 7.7 Nm and 10 Nm
• Rated speed of 2000 rpm
• Integrated TIL encoder with 2500 SIR
   (13 bit resolution through electronic multiplication of the CPM60.1 module)
• Degree of protection IP54. natural cooling
• Optional holding brake
• With plain shaft or fitted key
VFD - MicroMaster 440
MicroMaster 440

The MICROMASTER 440 in- verter is suitable for a variety of variable-speed drive applications. Its flexibility provides for a wide spectrum of applications. These also include cranes and hoisting gear, high-bay warehouses, production machines for food. beverages and tobacco, packaging machines atc. i.e. applications which require the frequency inverter to have a higher functionality and dynamic response than usual.

The inverter is especially characterized by its customer-oriented performance and easeof-use. Its large mains voltage range enables it to be used all over the world.

The MICROMASTER 440 inverter has a modular design.
The operator panels and modules can be easily exchanged.

International standards
• The MICROMASTER 440 inverter complies with the requirements of the EU lowvoltage guideline
• The MICROMASTER 440 Inverler has the C€ marking
• c-tick

Main characteristics
• Easy, guided start-up
• Modular construction allows maximum configuration flexibility
• Six programmable isolated digital inputs
• Two scaleable analog in puts (0 V to 10 V, 0 mA to 20 mA) can also be used as a 7th18th digital input
• Two programmable analog outputs (0 mA 10 20 mA)
• Three programmable relay outputs (30 V DC/5 A resistive load; 250 V AC/2A in ductive load)
• Low-noise motor operation thanks to high pulse frequencies, adjustable (observe derating if necessary)
• Complele protection for motor and inverter.

Options (overview)

• EMC filter, Class AJB
• LC filter and sinusoidal filter
• Line commutating chokes
• Output chokes
• Gland plates
• Basic Operator Panel (BOP) for parameterizing the inverter
• Plain text Advanced Operator Panel (AOP) with multilanguage display
• Plain text Asian Advanced Operator Panel (AAOP) with Chinese and English display
• Plain text Cyrillic Advanced Operator Panel (CAOP) with Cyrillic, German and English display
• Communication modules
- DeviceNet
• Pulse encoder evaluation module
• PC connection kits
• Mounting kits for installing the operator panels in the control cabinet doors
• PC start-up tools executable under Windows 98 and NT/2000/ME/ XP Professional
• TIA integration with Drive ES.
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