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Software For PLC (PLC)

Our Technology Partner
Automation , Drives , HMI , SCADA, RFID & Switchgear

• The space-saving basic versions
• Interface for the connection of expansion moduls, up to 24 digital inputs, 16 digital    outputs, 8 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs can be addressed
• with connection option for LOGO! TD text display
   (can be connected to all LOGO! OBA6 basic versions)


S7 200 PLC

• The micro PLC that offers maximum automation at minimum cost.
• Extremely simple installation, programming and operation.
• Large-scale integration, space-saving, powerful.
• Can be used both for simple controls and for complex automation tasks.
• All CPUs can be used in stand-alone mode, in networks and within    distributed structures.
• Suitable for applications where programmable controllers would not have    been economically viable in the past.
• With outstanding real-time performance and powerful communication    options (PPI, PROFIBUS DP, AS-Interface)

SIPLUS S7-200  
  • The PLC for use under extremely harsh ambient conditions
• With extended temperature range from -25 °C to +70 °C
• Use in environments with pollutant gases (corrosive gas atmospheres)
• Condensation and enhanced mechanical stress permissible
• With the proven PLC technology of the S7-200
• Easy handling, programming, maintenance and service
• Ideal for use in automobile construction, environmental technology, mining,
   chemical plants, conveying technology, food & beverages industry etc.
• The substitute for expensive special solutions
Overview CPU 221 Overview CPU 224
CPU 221

CPU 224

• The smart compact solution
• With 10 inputs/outputs on board
• Not expandable
• The compact high-performance CPU
• With 24 inputs/outputs on board
• Expandable with up to 7 expansion modules
Overview CPU 222 Overview CPU 224 XP/224 XPsi
CPU 222
CPU 224 XP/224 XPsi
• The superior compact solution
• With 14 inputs/outputs on board
• Expandable with up to 2 expansion modules
• The power CPU
• With 24 digital and 3 analog inputs/outputs onboard
• Expandable with up to 7 expansion modules
S7 1200 PLC  
S7 1200 PLC

The S7-1200 controller provides the flexibility and power to control a wide variety of devices In support of your automation needs. The compact design, flexible conflg ration, and powerful instruction set combine to make the S7 -1200 a perfect solunenjor controlling a wide variety of applications.

The CPU combines a microprocessor, an integrated power supply, input and output drcuits, built-in PROFINET, high-speed motion controlI/O. and on-board analog inputs in a compact housing to create a powerful controller. After you download your program, the CPU contains the logic required to monitor and control the devices in your application. The CPU monitors the inputs and changes the outputs according to the logic of your user program, which can indude 000 ean logic, counting, timing, complex math operations, and communications with other intelligent devices. .

The CPU provides a PROFINET port for communication over a PROFJNET network Additional moduls are available for communicating over PROFIBUS, GPRS, RS485 or RS232 networks.

1 . Power Connector
2. Memory card slot under toop door
3. Removable user wiring connectors
   ( Behind Doors )
4. Status LEDs for the on-bord I/O
5. Profinet connector
   (On the bottom of the CPU )
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